Tuesday, March 1, 2011

watercolor cards

watercolor business cards
1. stack watercolor paper cards and rubberband at one end
2. soak in water for 15 min.
3. stand upright on a paper plate by rubberbanding and taping two chopsticks
4. inks (I used Windsor & Newton inks)
5. use an eyedropper to pick up ink
6. drop ink, one color at a time, onto the soaked edge of the stack
7. seperate the cards carefully
8. iron flat once dry


  1. These are beautiful. Hoping to try this soon, thank you for posting!

  2. these are gorgeous! i have the exact same inks so i can't wait to try : )

  3. Do these have to be laser printed or can they be inkjet? I have cards to print but it would be on an ink jet printer....do you know if the inks would run?

    1. I printed mine on a laser printer, I haven't tried it on an inkjet - but imagine it might cause the ink to run.

  4. what kind of ink and paper?

    1. I printed these on Neenah Sundance card stock that has a felt finish so it looks like watercolor paper I bet watercolor paper would work well too.

      The ink is Windsor and Newton Watercolor Ink, but I've also used watercolor paint to do this and it works well too, it just needs to be color-heavy.

      Thanks for asking!

      - Caro